The Herbuts' Land

The Herburts‘ Land is the territory of several villages and towns in the Western Ukraine and in the Eastern Poland, respectively. The Herburt, an old German noble family left a significant historical heritge in the region after their time spent in power and also informally influenced the eastern border of the former Galicia.

Today many shops, restaurants and sport places in the region are named after „Herburt“. Old railway stations, brick factories, market places of towns and villages are inherited by the locals from the period of the Austro-Hungarian rule. Provincial life in the once great but now abandoned and nearly ruined infrastructure remains of the Herburt family are there now.

„Herburt“ football stadion and an old Austro-Hungurian brick plant in the village of Ternava, Ukraine, January, 2016.
St. Nicolaus crossing EU border from Poland to Ukraine along the former 102 train route Przemysl Glówny - Malhowice. Followed by two railcars he brings a lot of gifts for Ukrainian children in Nyzankowytschi village. December, 2017.
Railway platform tile in the village of Nove Misto that was built in 1872. It lies on the Ukrainian line of the Hungaro-Galician railway. Ukraine, 2015.
A train driver on the way to Sambor, following the first Hungary-Galician traine route, built at the end of XIX century. Dobromyl city, Ukraine, December 2015.
The house in Dobromyl city, Ukraine, 2016.
A mother and her son in their house in the village of Hrabivnytsia, Ukraine, December 2015.
The chidren of Dobromyl city, Ukraine, 2016.
Chinese engineers who are temporarily working at a wood processing plant in Dobromyl. They monitor installation of new equipment brought from China. Dobromyl, Ukraine, 2017.
Herburt Castle, Dobromyl, 2018. The stone castle was constructed at the beginning of ХVІІ century. It was built by Yan Shchasny Herburt from Felshtyn — Polish political and literary figure.
At Christmas. Dobromyl city, Ukraine, 2015.
Dobromyl city, 2017.